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Engineered to survive in harsh Australian conditions, Trade Air Equipment Supplies’ Air Compressors are made tough. They are built to last and will always perform to your requirements, providing maximum efficiency along the way. Whether it’s Rotary Screw, Air Dryers or Compressors, we can guarantee 100% service satisfaction and rapid access to technical support if any problems do arise.

We offer a full range of standard and oil free piston type air compressors

Standard Piston type air compressors

Oil Free Piston type air compressors 

Our standard piston type compressors
are robust and durable units, designed with
safety and performance in mind.These units
have a proven track record of staying
fuel-efficient and reliable over the span of
many years.

3 cylinder, heavy duty cast iron
10HP and 15HP available
260 litre air receiver
Fitted with 260 litre capacity air receiver

A good air compressor can save you thousands of dollars off your energy bill. We’d love to have a chat with you to see what we can do for you.

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