Innovative Airline Pipework Systems in Sydney

On top of the already extensive range of air compressors and dryers that we stock at Trade Air Solutions, we also offer airline pipework systems and fittings for every application option. Using only the highest quality polypropylene fittings, these systems filter air to produce uncontaminated breathing air and can be used in any industrial situation where clean air is needed. All our airline pipework systems are individually designed for your requirements and take into account your production and operational capacities to ensure that your needs are met. As always, all our products are backed by a service guarantee and you will have access to repair and maintenance services. 

Airline and Breathing Air Filtration Systems

Introducing the new Super Filter
Our latest formula guarantees a perfect refinish in every job you do. Suitable for automatic and industrial spray painting purposes, this unit has been designed to produce clean, dry air so your projects and equipment will always be top notch.

Airline and breathing air filtration systems

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